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About YSPU

Name of institute Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D.Ushinsky.
City Yaroslavl
Membership of department Ministry of General and Professional Education of theRussian Federation.
Address of Institute 150000 Russia, Yaroslavl, Ulitsa Respublikanskaya, 108
Year of establishment 1908
FIO of Rector and telephone Afanasyev Vladimir Vasilyevich, +7(4852)305661
FIO of coordinator for admission foreign citizenry Novikov Mikhail Vasilyevich, (4852)305596, E-mail: m.novikov@yspu.org
Fax +7(4852)305112; 305596
WWW-server http://yspu.yar.ru
Quantity of students 6.000 students
Quantity of foreign students 25 persons
Facultets History, Physics and Mathematics, Science and Geography,Foreign Languages, Pedagogics, Russian Language and Literature, PhysicalCulture, Psychology, Defectology, Educational Managers.
Number of chairs 45 Departments

Admission Requirements for the Master Degree

Necessary documents about education and other documents a. Certificate of complete secondary education b. Medicaldocument certifying that the foreigner's health doesn't prevent him fromstudying in Russia, including a compulsory AIDS test results c. Educationalcontract and a copy of payment document d. Personal Application-Questionnaire 
Date of presenting documents June 25 - July 15 
Specialities Arts, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography,History, Phylology, Physical Culture and Sports, Pre-School Pedagogicsand Psychology, Pedagogics and Methods of Primary Education, PracticalPsychology, Social Pedagogics, Technology and Enterprise, Speech Therapy. 
Period of education 5 years
Semesters 1st semester: September 1 - January 1 2nd semester: February1 - June 30 
Entrance tests: object, form, including RKI (Russian asForeign language) Faculty of Physics Mathematics: Mathematics, Physics(test), Russian Language and Literature (exposition) Faculty of Science Geography: Chemistry (test) Biology, Geography, Russian Languageand Literature (exposition) Faculty of Russian Language and Literature:Russian Language and Literature (orally and in writing) Faculty of History:History of Russia, Foreign Languages, Composition. Faculty of Foreign Languages:Foreign Languages (test), Composition, Foreign Languages (orally) Facultyof Pedagogics: Mathematics, Biology, Russian Language and Literature (orallyand in writing) Faculty of Physical Culture: Biology; Track and Field Events,Gymnastics, Russian Language and Literature (exposition). Institute ofPedagogics and Psychology: Biology, History of Russia, Composition
Date of entrance tests July 16 - August 1 
Coast of education US$ 1.500 per year 
Opportunity of study courses on foreign language - (couseand language) Desired courses in English, French and German availablefor extra charge 
Additional department (ojects, dates, begin of the study,coast) Preparatory Department offers training for the R.F. applicants.If necessary YSPU can arrange preparatory training for foreign applicants. 

Admission Requirements for the Ph.D. and Doctor of Science Degree

Necessary documents about education and other documents a. Diploma, confirming higher education b. Medical documentcertifying that the foreigner's health doesn't prevent him from studyingin Russia, including a compulsory AIDS test results c. Educational contractand a copy of the payment document d. Personal Application-Questionnaire 
State test RKI f necessary and available 
Period of tests By special arrangement 
Specialities Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Logic, Algebra andTheory of Numbers, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Non-Organic Chemistry,Psychology of Men and Animals, Russian History, World History, PoliticalEconomy, Ontology and Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy of Religion, RussianLiterature, Russian Language, Germanic Language, Linguistics, PhysicalGeography, Protection of the Environment, Pedagogics Theory and Methodsof Mathematics, Theory and Methods of Teaching Literature, Theory and Methodsof Teaching Phylology, Theory and Methods of Teaching Physical Educationand Sport Training, Theory and Methods of Professional Education, PedagogicalPsychology and Age Psychology, Political Sociology, Theory of Culture,Historical Culture Studies 
Period of education 3 years (full time) 4 years (by correspondence) 
Initial conditions (list of publications, essay, reprint) Essay on the theme of research 
Coast of education Annual Fee of $ 2.000 
Additional department (ojects, dates, begin of the study,coast) Preparatory training can be arranged if necessary 

Additional Information

Period of teaching and quantity of foreign students inthe institute For 5 years 
Hostel, conditions of live, including opportunity to renta flat room and it coasts Hostel - 40$ per month, rent a flat room - 50$-80$ per month, flat rentals - 100$-150$
Sport, rest and medical insurance 4 gymnasiums, rehabilitation facilities, 2 holiday centersand preventive health clinic available on YSPU grounds 
Opportunities of the institute for foreign citizenry'steaching Web-servers, about 500 personal computers and Internetaccess are available 
Additional information Yaroslavl is a major cultural center of Russia. Such culturalfacilities as the Museum-Preserve, the Art Museum, 4 theatres, a concerthall and a number of exhibition halls will enable students to plan theirleisure time and effectively and thoroughly enjoy themselves. Yaroslavlis rich in historical traditions. It is included in the Golden Ring of Russiaand attracts tourists by its monuments and masterpieces of Russian architecturedating back to the XVII - XIX centuries. Located in Yaroslavl there are8 schools of higher learning, which are training about 20.000 students.YSPU education can boast of its "trade mark". The quality of training isguaranteed by the high qualification of the teaching staff (60% of instructorshave the equvalents of Ph. D and M.D. degrees). The university has a richfundamental library containing over a million volumes, including 200 000books published before 1917. YSPU has its own publishing facility and issuesseveral periodicals. YSPU is involved in active co-operation with educationaland research institutions of 16 countries of the world, what is manifestedin 23 international educational projects. Among the most effective programmescan be cited the contacts with the following foreign universities: Exeterand Essex (G.B.), Bilefeld and Kassel (Germany), Dayton, Lubbock and Redford (U.S.A),Copenhagen (Denmark) German Service of Academic Exchangers (DAAD). Therehave appeared some new prospective fields such as co-research in the sphereof teaching foreign languages, participation in international expert councilsin history, psychology and pedagogics. YSPU specialists are recognisedabroad. This is proved by the fact that our educational programmes recievegrants of the British Academy of Sciences, the Soros Fund, the EuroasiaFund, Kennan Institute, DAAD and, besides, YSPU usually takes part in internationalseminars on Arts and Sciences.