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The Natural Geographic Faculty

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The Natural Geographic Faculty is one of the biggest departments of the University. It was founded in 1939. There are 8 departments, 3 museums (anatomic, geologic, zoological), herbarium and a botanic garden.

There are about 1000 students.

Directions and specialities: Natural Scientific Direction, Geography, Social and Cultural Service, and Tourism. A high level of training is provided by qualified scientific staff of the Faculty: there are 11 Doctors of Science and professors, more than 40 associate professors and candidates of Science. Aspirantura is opened in 6 specialities, where qualified specialists are being prepared.

The fame of the Faculty is connected with such names of domestic scientists as Ja.A. Birshtein (Zoology), A.G. Andres (Cytology), A.B. Ditmar, P.S. Makeev (Physical Geography), A.V. Kudryashov(Botany), M.I.Galitsky (Economic Geography), A.N. Ivanov (Geology), S.S. Poltyriov, V.Ja.Rusin (Physiology), A.S. Karnaukhov, V.M.Vlasov, N.N. Runov (Chemistry), V.A. Shcheniov ( Methods of Training Geography).

The students of the Faculty take part in competitions, creative contests and feasts; "The Day of the Freshman", "Student Spring", "Bird Day", "Tourism Week", "The Youth is for a Healthy Way of Life" and others have become traditional holidays.

Dean: Candidate of Geography Andrey Vladimirovich Kulakov.

Address: 150000, Yaroslavl, Kotoroslnaya emb., 46

Phone: (4852) 30-55-22

E-mail: dec.egf@yspu.org