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The Fundamental Library

Материал из Ярославский педагогический университет
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Our University’s library was founded in 1908. Its funds hold more than 1,200,000 books, including 200,000 published before 1917.

Rare books room

There are 12,000 titles in our rare book collection. Among them are such rarities as Thucydides’ “History of the Peloponnesian War”, printed in Basel in 1540; “Sonnets and Canzonas” by Petrarch (1553); “Lenten Triodion”, printed by Ivan Fedorov’s pupil Andronik Timofeyev Nevezha in 1589; “Sobornoye Ulozheniye” (“legal code”) by Tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich (1649); rare editions of textbooks: “Arithmetic” by Leonti Magnitsky, issued due to a decree of Peter the Great in 1703; “The Russian Grammar” by M. V. Lomonosov printed during lifetime of the author; “The ABC-Book, or the Initial Doctrine to Those Who Want to Study” — the single remaining copy.

More then 18,000 people are readers at our library. The library has six branches and a reading room where anyone can order and read books. An electronic catalog is also available: http://lib.yspu.org

Director of the library is Yury Ivanovich Mayorov, a Honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation.

Phone: (4852) 72-81-34.

E-mail: library@yspu.org