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The Faculty of the Russian Language and Culture

Материал из Ярославский педагогический университет
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Since 1908 the training of Russian language teachers has been done. The Faculty was founded in 1934. It is a part of the Institute of Philology. It is situated in the building on the Kotorosl Embankment, there are 6 departments. At the Faculty there are centers of the theory and practice of speech communication, Nekrasov researches, regional linguistics named after G.G.Melnichenko. The Faculty has traditions concerning the names of great scientists such as A.M.Selishchev, A.V.Smirnov-Kutachevsky, S.I.Radtsig, A.A.Smirnov, G.M. Galanov, L.I.Timofeeva, P.Ja.Chernykh, A.V.Mirtov. The most significant work supervised by professor G.G.Melnichenko is "Yaroslavl Region Dictionary".

There are over 900 students and 50 undergraduates.

International relationship: Central European University (Budapest), Utrecht Higher School (Netherlands), Middlebury College (USA, Vermont).

Directions and specialities: Philology, Philological Education, Literal Creativity, Book-Making, Journalism, Cultural Science, Advertising, Publishing Business and Editing.

Dean: Candidate of Pedagogics, Associate Professor Svetlana Jurievna Rodonova

Address: 150014, Yaroslavl, Kotoroslnaya emb., 66

Phone: (4852) 21-31-03, 21-34-73, 21-68-81

Fax: (4852) 21-67-26

E-mail: dec.rfk@yspu.org