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The Faculty of Physical Training

Материал из Ярославский педагогический университет
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The Faculty is one of the oldest in the country, it was opened in 1947 among the first six faculties of this profile. At the Faculty there are 5 sub-departments. Great experience of vocational training is stored here. Names of the professors working at the Faculty are known in the country: L.I. Mursky, S. S. Poltyryova, V.Ja. Rusina and others. The glory to the Faculty was brought by its graduates: champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, Europe and World Cups: V. Kornev (bullet firing) and E. Grosheva (gymnastics), V. Tarakanov (skiing), V. Lyapunov, S. Chizhevsky, I. Brikman, E. Ivanov (acrobatics), V. Tsaryov (rowing on kayaks), L. Khrushcheva (track and field athletics), A. Tarabarin (Greco-Roman wrestling), Ju. Mikhaylov (cycling - highway), A. Baranov (skating), E. Smirnova and A. Zadorozhny (track and field athletics), V. Antipov, S. Zhukov, D. Krasotkin, I. Nepryaev, V. Vishnevsky (ice hockey), E. Drattsev (swimming) and others. E. Drattsev and I. Nepryaev, preparing for future trainer's work, defended theses to get the Candidate of Science Degree at the University.

At the Faculty there are more than 600 students. Directions and specialities of training: Physical Training, Adaptive Physical Training.

At the Faculty there is postgraduate study, doctoral studies and the Council where you may defend dissertations to be awarded a Candidate's and Doctor's degree.

Dean: Doctor of Biology, Professor Alexander Demyanovich Vikulov.

Address: Russia, 150000, Yaroslavl, Kotoroslnaya emb., 46à.

Phone: (4852) 30-85-26

E-mail: dec.ffk@yspu.org