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Tempus Project 5444161-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPCR Aston University Developing the Teacing of European Languages: Modernising Language teaching through the development of blehend Masters Programmes

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General information about the Tempus project

This 3-year project focuses on improving the learning and teaching of European languages in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan (PCs). There are 11 project partners, four from Russia, two from Uzbekistan, two from Ukraine and one each from the UK, France and Germany. The central activity is the development of a blended master’s programme for current and prospective teachers of European languages (English, French and German), which will introduce innovative learner-centred methodologies, tuned to EU standards but with a close eye on the needs of the local context where appropriate. The project will be a based on collaborative development and initial delivery of the MA with a gradual handover to trainers in PCs, making delivery fully sustainable beyond the life of the project.

The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to modernization and internationalization of the societies in the PCs through curriculum reform to enhance capacities of both higher education institutions and secondary schools for teaching European languages.

The development of a new model for teacher education built on the study of current policy and practice in language teacher education in PCs.

A pool of retrained teacher educators in each of the PCs.

A new 2-year masters programme for both pre- and in-service teachers of French, German and English, as a first step towards harmonizing and modernizing the curricular for school teacher education and LLL-based professional development courses in the PCIs.

Development of e-learning interactive language capacity via an on-line platform to improve access for school teachers to teaching/learning resources.

An on-line network of trainers across all partner countries.

The project has four main stages:

1. The elaboration of methodology for development of both trainer training and masters programme. This will be achieved by:

Establishing current policy and practices in language teacher education in the PCs and European countries. Carrying out a needs analysis of language teachers to identify the gaps between current and target situation

2. Trainer training. This will be achieved by:

Training an initial group of language teacher educators in learner-centred language teaching methodologies and how to communicate these to trainees through a loop-input approach to training Familiarizing trainers with the principles and practice of on-line delivery. Modernising the teaching environment at PC institutions. Setting up a Web-based trainer network.

3. Development of the content of the mater’s programme, with project members from both EU partners and PCs working collaboratively

4. A pilot phase of joint delivery of the new programme with trainers from EU partners and PCs working alongside each other for the period of one academic year.

DeTEL is a project targeted at various audiences such as University language teachers (‘Training the Trainer’); teachers and instructors at the Regional Institutes for Teacher Professional Development; teachers of the European languages at secondary schools, including rural areas; Master and PhD students as the future teachers at the HEI-s; and representatives of the local/regional educational authorities. The project will lead to improvements in language teacher education and consequently to improvements in language learning in the in the PCs thereby facilitating their internationalization process.

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