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Welcome to the site of
«Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D.Ushinsky»

The University address:
Russia, 150000, Yaroslavl, Respublikanskaya street, 108/1.

International contacts, phone
(4852) 30-55-96;
e-mail: dep.inter@yspu.org

Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour has a long and glorious history. It is one of the oldest pedagogical educational institutions of Russia. Its history is a century family tree of the disseminator of the Reasonable, Kind, Eternal.

In 2008 our University according to the Order of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin solemnly celebrated the 100-year anniversary. In the letter of appreciation of the Russian Federation President D.A.Medvedev due to the occasion of the University anniversary "the great contribution in training and professional development of pedagogical staff" has been noticed. Kind words to the University sounded at the anniversary evening on December 8, 2008 from the scene of the Theater named after F.G.Volkov.

High estimation of the University staff's 100-year work way was reflected in the official rating published in 2010, where our University got the 3-d rate among pedagogical universities of Russia, it was proved that it is one of the leaders of the modern Russian pedagogical education which keeps and develops best traditions of the academic science in solidarity with every-day pedagogical practice.

The Head of the Council is Acting Rector of Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University

named after K.D. Ushinsky,

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

Mikhail Vadimovich Gruzdev

The University address:
Russia, 150000, Yaroslavl,
Respublikanskaya street, 108/1

University site:

Phone for inquiries:
(4852) 30-54-59

Information for students and applicants:
(4852) 30-56-91

International contacts:
(4852) 30-55-96; 72-56-17

Commercial contacts:
(4852) 72-87-10


University Management

FIO Post Contact phone number Email address
Mikhail Gruzdev
Rector of University
(4852) 30-56-61
Aleksandr Khodyrev
FirstVice-Rector of University
(4852) 30-55-96
Vladimir Zavoysty
Vice-Rector for education and youth policy
(4852) 30-56-71
Vladimir Akashev
(4852) 32-95-77
Taras Potolov
Deputy Rector
(4852) 73-19-95
Marina Zaitseva
Advisor to the Rector
Grigory Filippov
Rectorate Counselor
Maria Kalinina
Head of Strategic Planning Department
Location address: 150000, Yaroslavl region, Yaroslavl, Respublikanskaya St., 108/1