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The Pedagogical Faculty

From Ярославский педагогический университет
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The Faculty was opened in 1979. It consists of 5 departments.

There are over 900 students.

Directions and specialities: Pre-School Pedagogics and Psychology, Pedagogics and Methods of Primary School Training, Pedagogics and Methods of Pre-School Training, Musical Education, Pedagogics.

The Faculty graduates teach foreign languages, music and singing in primary and secondary school, work as child psychologists, speech therapist, methodologist on Art and physical education in pre-school institutions.

At the Faculty there is postgraduate study and doctorantura on 2 specialities.

Dean: Candidate of Psychology, Jury Nikolaevich Slepko

Address: 150031, Yaroslavl,Uglicheskaya st., 72

Phone: (4852)72-23-28, 51-75-92, 51-71-83

E-mail: dec.pf@yspu.org