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The Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

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The Faculty was founded in 1934. Its fame is connected with such f professors and academicians' names as N.F.Talyzina, N.A. Izvolsky, V.N. Zapolskaya, V.V. Shuleikin, Z.A. Skopets, Lopshits and etc. The Faculty is situated in the main University building, where the fundamental library is located, a reading hall, a recourse center, the University History Museum. The Faculty consists of 10 departments, 10 physic-technical laboratories including 5 computer classes for Computer Science lessons.

There are about 800 students.

The Faculty participates in the International programme Intel on Computer Science and Mathematics, Russian-English programme on Mathematical diagnosis, Russian-Austrian-Dutch project on the motivation problem of training natural and scientific disciplines.

Directions and specialities: Physics and Mathematical Education (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics), Technological Education, Vocational Training (Economics and Management), Technology and Enterpreneurship.

At the Faculty there is postgraduate study and the Council where you may defend dissertations to be awarded a Candidate's and Doctor's degree.

Dean: Candidate of Pedagogics, Associate Professor Elena Jurievna Zhokhova.

Address: 150000, Yaroslavl, Respublikanskaya st., 108

Phone: (4852) 30-53-95, 72-85-70

Fax: (4852) 30-54-59

E-mail: dec.fmf@yspu.org