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The Faculty of Foreign Languages

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The Faculty was founded in 1942.

It is situated in the Institute of Philology building, there are 6 departments.

There are over 600 students.

International relationship: University and Teacher's Institute in Poitiers (France), Teacher's Pedagogical Institute in Lille (France), Universities in Exeter and Essex (Great Britain), Kassel University (Germany), German Service of Academic Exchange (DAAD), German Cultural Center named after Goethe , French Cultural Center, Middlebury College (USA, Vermont).

Directions and specialities: Philological Education, English, German, French, Interpreting and Science of Interpreting, Theory and Methods of Training Foreign Languages and Cultures. Specialization: Russian as Foreign, Latin, Spanish, Italian.

Dean: Candidate of Pedagogics, Associate Professor Maria Nikolaevna Averina

Address: 150014, Yaroslavl, Kotoroslnaya emb., 66

Phone: (4852) 21-36-44, 21-37-94

Fax: (4852) 21-44-75

E-mail: dec.inyaz@yspu.org